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Alarm Management

Management of critical and general BMS alarms

Boss controls will list every possible alarm or relevant setpoint in each building system and develop rules on which the alarms will be prioritised and classified. From this we will determine which alarms are necessary so we can prioritise rules and configure and optimise settings if required. We will also manage the response to each alarm and set hierarchy rules for escalation.

Boss Energy’s Alarm Management services can be be provided from an Energy, Environmental and Operational perspective.

For example, we configure your alarms:

  • Energy Alarm Management:  to trigger when you have gone over usage on energy for example, energy and gas
  • Environmental Alarm Management: to trigger when temperatures and humidities are out of range
  • Operational Alarm Management: to trigger when there are mechanical and/or electrical failures

Alarm service capable of being provided 24/7/365 if required and are transmittable via Voice, SMS and Email to as many people as required. Critical alarms provide full historical data for auditing purposes with capabilities for reporting functions off the back of this.


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