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How we help HR managers to exceed their KPIs

How BMS helps your employees reach their full potential
How Boss Energy BMS helps Human Resources Managers to meet their KPIs.

One might assume that a fully optimised BMS only achieves energy manager KPIs, however, Boss Energy has also helps HR managers across the UK to achieve their HR KPIs.

Upgrading and optimising your business BMS systems is easy with Boss Energy. We boost your bottom line in many ways, however, this section is written with HR managers in mind.

HR turnover/Employee retention

It is essential to focus on employee retention to protect your organisation from the steep rise in recruitment costs. Therefore it is important to create a comfortable working environment for employees as well as offer attractive salaries and working hours. Warmth and water are a basic human need in Maslows’ Hierarchy of Needs.

Temperature plays a crucial role in an employee’s overall comfort at work. Boss Energy specialises in optimising Building Energy Management Systems to create a comfortable, positive working environment which encourages employee engagement and employee retention. We have upgraded hundreds of BMS systems with CO2 detectors which automatically detects the number of people, adjusting the temperature and humidity as required, avoiding energy wastage and keeping costs lower.

Reduce sickness days

Is your team begin to complain of irritating symptoms such as headaches, runny noses and itching? If your employees are taking more sick leave or efficiency and productivity is reduced, then you could be working somewhere with Sick Building Syndrome. The HSE advises that Sick Building Syndrome may be caused by air conditioning, excessive variations in temperature, lighting, air pollutants, low level or user control over ventilation, heating and lighting or poor design and maintenance of building services,

Boss Energy’s BMS engineers are highly skilled at optimising the environment for employee wellbeing. If you suspect sick building syndrome after reading this, then contact your building service engineer immediately because it could also be something more serious such as Legionnaires disease. Employee well-being does more than increase productivity; a healthy workplace improves the emotional appeal of your company so you can attract the right talent.

Cost of hire / replacement

Boss Energy helps organisations to reduce the frequency recruiting replacement staff because it helps to keep them healthy and engaged. A report by Oxford Economics reveals that replacing one member can cost up to £30,614 per employee. This high recruitment cost is caused by loss of output and productivity until a replacement employee is fully trained which on average is 28 weeks. Therefore, organisations should aim to reduce these turnover costs and do everything possible to retain and develop committed staff. Boss Energy’s BMS experts will optimise your work environment so employees work in optimum comfort, enjoy their work and deliver peak performance.

Performance improvement:

Employees must feel comfortable to perform their best and a survey by Northumbria University survey reveals that the perfect temperature for optimal performance is 20 degrees and the most comfortable temperature is 23 degrees. If the temperature strays too far from these, then employees will be focused on feeling more comfortable. Boss Energy’s BMS experts write energy strategies to ensure that optimum temperature is maintained, helping your organisation to benefit from higher employee productivity.

Employer Branding and Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Boss Energy will help you to improve your employer branding and reputation because not only are you being seen to conserve energy, your staff will be healthy and say good things about your organisation. Strong employer branding allows you to recruit, retain and engage the right talent to grow your organisation. Behind employer branding is the employee value proposition, Many organisations experience problems trying to establish this. Differentiation is essential to stand out from the crowd and attract talent – simply ensuring that your organsiation has the the perfect working temperature will reduce stress and ensure that your employees are happy and committed.


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