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Benefits for Finance Directors

Up to 55% verified energy cost savings helps you maximise your budget KPIs

How Boss Energy enables Finance Directors to meet their KPIs


You will be pleasantly surprised how BMS can enable Finance Directors to achieve their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) …

Working capital

Facilities management is a huge cost to businesses and outsourcing your BEMS to Boss Energy will free-up human resources, improve business continuity, and free your working capital.


Payroll headcount

We can improve your KPI for payroll headcount because Boss Energy’s BMS experts make your work environment comfortable for employees. This means their productivity will be higher, allowing you to recruit less employees to achieve the same task.


Current ratio

The current ratio is calculated from accounts, liabilities and accounts payables. In double entry book-keeping, energy and utility bills come under the heading of expenses and liabilities. We have helped our clients to reduce their annual spend on utilites by £0000s. This has a positive affect on the solvency of your business.


Debt to equity ratio

This measures how your organisation is funding its growth. Boss Energy will help you increase your equity by saving you £000s on utility bills, prolonging the life of your HVAC equipment and increasing productivity.


Accounts payable turnover

Boss Energy will help you to increase the rate in which your company pays off suppliers by saving you £000s on utility bills, prolonging the life of your HVAC equipment and increasing productivity. All of this will improve your corporate reputation and grow your brand because there is increasing pressure on businesses to pay suppliers on time.


Net profit margin

This is a financial measure of the profitability of your organisation. Boss Energy will help you to save £000s on utility bills, prolong the life of your HVAC equipment and increase productivity. Boss Energy has implemented Triple Bottom Line to measure its success; we understand that looking after the planet and your people will naturally boost an organisation’s net profit margin. Call us on 01403 886508. for more information on this.


Customer satisfaction

If customer expectations are not exceeded, they will not be loyal which will be negative to your bottom line. Boss Energy’s experts optimise BMS so your corporate and consumer environment are comfortable to improve productivity and wellbeing.



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