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Energy Management Benefits for Facilities Managers

Maximise your HVAC appliance capabilities

BMS PPM for Facilities Companies and Building Services Manager

Facilities Managers and Buildings Services Managers have a wide selection of responsibilities and we have listed the KPIs which Boss Energy’s best practice approach can assist with; whether you manage one or multiple buildings. We are experts in Trend and Siemens and we work with BMS products which have simple dashboards and offer a holistic view of your building’s health.


Your heating and ventilation equipment runs for many hours, adapting to demanding changes in weather conditions. Boss Energy’s experts optimise BMS using our best practice approach, ensuring longevity of equipment. Our remote services allow us to dial-in minimising call-outs.


If your building is running too hot, cold or is damp, it can create sick building syndrome which can cause staff sickness, not to mentinon interruptions to productivity, all of which take their toll on productivity. Our PPM services are generally more cost effective than reactive callouts and our BMS engineers are available 24 hours a day.

Systems and processes:

Boss Energy has developed a powerful app which ensures our work is well-documented and site visit and remote dial-in reports are, helping you to exceed procurement KPIs. All of our BEMS expert engineers have years of relevant experience and are keen to add value to help you to achieve your KPIs where possible.


Our BEMS experts will help you to control your energy consumption trends and pinpoint corrective action required. We have saved clients in many sectors £000m though rectifying faults and inefficiencies. We have the expertise and tools to provide you with a BS EN 15232 audit allowing you to keep one step ahead of environmental legislation. Our experts will optimise your BEMS, ensuring your building is running a maximum efficiency, helping you to exceed your energy KPIs.


Boss Energy is constantly monitoring the environmental legislation and we will advise you of changes which affect BEMS. We will proactively advise and recommend solutions to keep your business within current legislation.


Boss Energy is constantly scanning the environment for technology changes which affects our clients and the BEMS industry. Therefore our products and services are always one step ahead, giving you peace-of-mind, freeing up your time to focus on other aspect of your job role.


Boss Energy understands that FM managers work in all sorts of organisations and have different training requirements. Where required, we will empower your team to be able to use the BEMS and provide training documentation. Our initial assessment of your promises will help us establish your training requirements.

A selection of our valued clients who have benefited from reduced energy bills and improved productivity.

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