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Remote Technical Support

Cloud-based and Remote Support Building Management Services (BMS) allow most problems to be quickly fixed within an hour rather than waiting for a traditional call-out.

Our Cloud-based and Remote Support enables you to have a direct line to our expert BMS engineers and will shave off hours of unnecessary work in your business. It is simple to set up with a 3G/4G modem or if you prefer we can connect over the internet via a VPN. Once everything is set up, we can connect quickly to your site to determine the cause of any problems which may include repairing or amending control strategies, enabling optimum performance of your site – we can manage most situations for you by providing professional advice and technical expertise.

We can also set you up with a unique passwords at different levels for all types of managers within your business who require different information to achieve their objectives. For example, your Energy Manager may need to compare energy usage across all your sites and the Facilities Engineer may want to evaluate BMS alarms.

Another benefit of remote support building management is that call out requests are reviewed by our engineers who can determine the cause of the issue before it gets to site attendance. In many cases the request can be actioned online and if a callout is still required, previewing the situation online ensures that the correct engineer attends your site in the first place. When your BMS engineer arrives on site, he will have the specific information required to prevent and delays in resolving the issue on site. This provides operational efficiency for us at Boss Energy, whilst also reducing downtime for the client for getting site back to a healthy state.

The benefits of our Cloud-based and Remote Support Building Management Systems (BMS):

  • Typically 60-70% of reported faults can be diagnosed and rectified remotely often within the hour
  • We continuously monitor your building to ensure 24-7 occupancy comfort which has been proven to increase employee productivity and customer sales
  • We can easily spot declining performance in your equipment and can step steps to fix potential problems before they occur, preventing loss of business.
  • The cost of remote repair is typically less than 50% of a site visit so reduces maintenance costs
  • Where a site visit is required by diagnosing the fault remotely, the correct parts can be taken to site saving return visits and again rectifying the fault more quickly
  • We can continually improve your energy costs and compare your energy performance across all your sites.
  • For example, an Operations Director might want to see which sites are generating the most alarms and complaints. On the other hand, the Energy Manager might want to compare energy usage across all sites to see which ones are the biggest energy hogs.

In summary, our Cloud-based and Remote Support Building Management Services (BMS) have reduced maintenance costs and wasted time so your managers can concentrate on achieving their objectives.

We offer bespoke solutions, based on the site requirements. If this service sounds of interest and you would like to discuss further please contact

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